Joshua Otto

joshuaJoshua Otto, 12yrs old, aspires to be a great soccer player and also a business man, is a young man on the move. He resides with his mom and twin sisters in Cuba Heights Lavender Hill, Retreat.

Joshua is currently in grade 7 at Prince George Primary and endeavors to complete his high schooling at Sibelius High school starting 2016

At a glance he appears to be very small but as the saying goes “dynamite comes in small packages” and he truly lives up to this. He is a vibrant young man with big dreams and aspirations. At this tender age he exudes much resilience against the negative surroundings, young gangsters, drug and alcohol abuse and being raised by a single mom, which is not always easy. Joshua’s strength is founded in his belief in Jesus Christ and his Christian upbringing.

It was a pleasure for us to have sponsored Joshua to attend the Ajax Cape Town holiday program dated 02 - 03 July 2015. Our sponsorship took the form of purchasing him his soccer boots, tracksuit and also paying the fee to enable him to attend the two day soccer clinic.

He was afforded the opportunity to show off his ball skill but most importantly gained valuable insight from coach Riyaad. The coach was impressed with his technical abilities. This really put a cherry on day one for little Joshua. On the final day he had the pleasure of meeting one of his stars, Franklin Cale, what a moment for this young star.

With the right assistance and direction this little gem is well on his way to become the next best football star.

Your assistance to create a step in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

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