My own face cloth
12 04 2020 13:28
What is the best part of Christmas for a child? The lights, the tree, or the sparkly the gifts that accompany them. Of course the gifts!

Sadly we live in an era and many communities where this has become but a glimmer for many of our children.

For the past 20 years, Louise and Quinton Arnold have been making this their priority. Starting as a young couple in Youth Ministry, God stirred their hearts towards the less fortunate. Every year since then , they pack up the gift boxes and fun packs to deliver them to eagerly awaited little faces. KIDZ141 projects has been depending on the generous donations of faithful volunteers and friends to make the dreams of children happen annually.

KIDS141 projects have reached children as far as Knysna, Chatsworth and even our local communities. One of the children that received a gift box was in tears saying “ my own face cloth! I cannot believe I have my own soap and facecloth”. These may be the little things we take for granted daily, but it became a life changing moment in the life of child.

Louise and Quinton give no preference to religion, instead they believe that children should experience the love of God through acceptance of self. This journey has not been as easy as it becomes tough to see the circumstances some kids have to face daily. Making a difference in the life of a child means that you have touched the lives of 10 others through 1.

You don't need a motivational speaker to tell you to do the right thing, you know how to do the right thing.

“Creating that step in the right direction”
Mike Saxby
01 05 2015 09:09
Hi Quinton, I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to meet you and your wife and the young people from Kidz 141 Projects (I hope that I have this name correct) on Saturday.
Many, many thanks to you and your team of helpers who ensured that Signal Hill Rotary Club refreshment station ran well and the runners got their refreshments quickly. As with all refreshment stations the first two tables are really busy, so your team must have been very kept busy. I tended to use tables numbered between 8 and 10. Attached is the picture that my wife took of your group and another picture. I have asked Bruce Anders who took quite a lot of photos to forward them to me, then I should be able to send you a couple of them. We do hope that you, your wife and Kidz 141 will be able to assist Signal Hill Rotary Club again next year.
My wife and I would very much like to come and meet with you when it suits you. We would like to learn more about Kidz 141 Projects.
Signal Hill Rotary Club does not usually make a donation to helpers who help at events such as Two Oceans Marathon. However, at our recent board meeting, it was decided to make a small donation to Kidz 141 Projects in appreciation of the help from you, your wife, and your helpers to make the refreshment station a success. Kidz 141 came on as helpers as soon as you heard that help was needed. Thank you!!
As mentioned previously I have looked at the Kidz 141 web site. What Kidz 141 does is amazing. The suburbs where you work have some serious and difficult challenges. Thank goodness for you and others who are working to make these suburbs better places for the youth.We must keep in touch.

Kind regards,
Mike Saxby
20 01 2015 08:30
I met Quinton Arnold (later I discovered he was a pastor) whilst working at Standard Bank, I think this was during the time 2009 to 2014, I for the Trust Division and he for Vehicle Asset Finance. Our departments shared the one of the floors in the Standard Bank Centre, Foreshore, Cape Town. I do not recall how exactly we got chatting but we did. He used to speak a great deal about:

- the work he and his team are doing in reaching out to young children/teenagers in the community
- the high level negotiations with businesses and sponsors
- the joy he felt when a child turned a corner in his/her life
- the projects he and the team are planning
- Christmas Shoebox Gifts (the time he took to take photos of each child who would be receiving a gift). Here I would get quite a few people in our office involved - they could choose a photo of the child/children they wanted to buy for. The delight on their faces was a sight to behold when they shared what they had bought so that others(less fortunate) may have smiles on their little faces at Christmas time.

Our department at the time was going through a really prolonged stressful time and I was usually very frazzled. I would just walk across the office and stop at Quinton’s desk and say, “Hello Dominee, hoe gaan dit met jou?” He would smile and that would make me smile. Just for those few moments I could put the stress aside. To me, Quinton epitomises the Peace of God. He is always calm and composed.

There is enormous need in our communities. The harvest is great but the workers are few. It is my prayer that Quinton and his team will go from strength to strength to bring glory to God.
Samantha Petersen
29 07 2013 16:37
After failing matric i felt really down and out. The thought of always having to be satisfied with second best kept on milling thru my mind. I felt like my dreams were all shattered and the area where I reside is of no help either. Pastor Q recommended thatI I go study to complete my matric. He did all the research and after much consultation I enrolled at False Bay College. The excitement was un-describable. I did my matric in hospitality studies. After 3yrs I successfully completed and passed the course and in so doing obtained my matric in hospitality studies. Looking back I feel good about myself and of what I have achieved. I realised that I am not alone and that there are people who supported me and that I am not a failure. I realised that I have to work hard to get what I want in life. I learned what it was to never give up on myself and my dreams all because of Pastor Q’s intervention and constant encouragement. I thank Pastor Q for everything he has done and is still doing. Thanks you for periodically checking up on me. I know that other youth will definitely benefit from the various programmes that Kidz 141 Projects bring to them. Definitely life changing.
Arlene Petersen
22 06 2013 09:57
I met Pastor Q when i was about 14yrs old. What started off as attending church & youth on a Friday grew into something that would impact my life until today. He would rally up the kids from the neighbourhood known or unknown to me and we would spend a few hours together where we will learn about the gospel or doing activities or just lounging around conversing with each other which will always lead to our bellies being filled by his loving wife. After those hours being spent together with a group of young people that is so similar and yet different to one another. I would leave with a sense of belonging in my heart. Every opportunity Pastor q had with us was a learning experience. They impacted my life in a big way. What i appreciate most is that they instil a set of morals in me that will stay with me. This is major to me as i come from a fatherless household. Pastor Q became that father figure to me. I am 23yrs old and i know his door will always be open to me.